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Thursday, 20 June 2013

What's in my Suitcase?

So there have been a lot of ''What's in my bag'' posts flying around and since I am going on holiday on Saturday, I thought I would be a little bit different and show you what products I normally pack when I go away. 

This post is heavily product based. So if you're a skincare lover like me, keep reading! 

Yes, my suitcase looks full to the brim. I never intend to pack so much. But I realised that I was staying at Ed's house after the holiday and I have had to pack for British and Italian weather. I decided I would show you some outfits that I have packed in the pictures I take when I am away. 


Some of you may know already my love for the Organix Argan Oil. It is pretty much the same as the Moroccannoil, but so much cheaper (£6.99 Boots). This detangles, smooths and adds a healthy shine to my hair. And to top it off, it smells fantastic too. 

Aussie Miracle Shine shampoo. Oh.my.gosh. This smells amazing. And indeed, it makes my hair all shiny and happy. And smelly. Yes!

No Drought powder shampoo from Lush. I prefer this over the aerosol dry shampoos. It lasts longer, adds volume, smells fruity and I can apply it easily to the areas that need some freshening up. I think Harry likes it too. He no longer runs out of the room now I don't spray crazy. 

Mark Hill UV protection serum. I dye my hair dark, so this will protect the colour from fading and prevent my hair drying out from the sun.

Percy and Reed no oil volumising hair oil. I haven't used this in a while, but I am packing it because it is small and it does give good lift. 

Aussie Beach Mate conditioner. Nourishes and conditions hair that has spent too long sunbathing. 

Osmo hair mask. In case my hair gets very dry, I can apply some of this into the ends of my hair and restore my shiny soft locks back to life. 


Liz Earle lover, as you can see. Tonic boost and cleanse and polish, as always my much loved skincare items. 

La Roche Possay face suncream SPF 50. Extra protection from the sun, designed specifically for the face, so won't clog pores and cause blackheads or spots

Avenue gentle cleanser to remove excess grime that was missing during the cleansing phase. Especially during the summer months when it is essential to remove all the SPF from your face. No need to rinse with water and is perfect for gentle skin. 

Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel. This is a lighter moisturiser during the hot weather and won't leave my face looking oily. 


Sanctuary Spa thermal detox mask. My favourite mask to use. Removes dirt from the skin by opening up the pores and the clay helps to reduce oiliness. 

Elemis overnight serum. Prevents outbreaks and reduces inflammation.

Sanctuary Spa moisture boosting mask. The sun has a drying effect on the skin so maintaining skins moisture levels on the outer layers of the skin is essential. Also helps to keep hydrated internally. 

Alpha-H liquid gold. I use this as a gentle exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells on the outer layer of my skin, to reveal brighter complexion. By exfoliating, this also means that my moisturiser or other skin treatments can act on the healthy skin cells providing  maximum effectiveness. 

La Roche Possay Effalar Duo. To reduce bacteria on the skin that can cause breakouts and evens out complexion. 


I don't wear too much make up on a daily basis. I believe that a good foundation like Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua can make the world of difference in creating a good base whilst providing skincare needs such as SPF. 

MAC studio finish concealer has an SPF 35 ideal for hot climates where the suns UV rays can cause damage and wrinkles to the delicate under eye area.

Sexy Mamma translucent powder from Benefit. For those anti-shine moments.

L'oreal Glam Bronze. This has a bronzer and a highlighter in one and when mixed together creates glowy sunkissed skin. 

Benefit High Beam. Creates a glowing healthy complexion. 

Hope you all enjoyed having a nose into my suitcase and at some of the products I am taking away with me. 

Have a good weekend!

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