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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Watermelon Sunshine Juice!

Hello all! I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday. Harry and I went back to Brighton for a sunny weekend basking in the sun and going on lots of walks. Whilst in Brighton, Ed bought me the prettiest ring. Pictures will be on the way soon. I can't wait to show you it :)

I wanted to share this refreshing watermelon juice with you. It is so, so simple to make! 

Sunshine Juice!

(Makes about 1 L) You will need:

A whole watermelon
2 oranges
You can add some blueberries if you wish
Handful of mint leaves
A good juicer or a blender
1. Cut up your watermelon. I usually chop it in into 1/4 pieces (see below). Add the watermelon to your juicer (watch out for those flying pips! - Many times have I found pips in my hair).

2. Chop up your oranges and squeeze out the juice. Pour the juice into the juicer.

3.  Add your blueberries into the juicer.

4. Watch the amazing pink goodness pour out.

5. Strain your juice using a sieve to remove and remaining pulp.

6. Pour the juice into your glass and add some mint leaves for a refreshing drink.

Nutrition Facts

1. Watermelon is packed full of nutrients. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, an antioxidant. Vitamin A and beta carotene which supports good eyesight and prevents glaucoma.

2. The most intense red watermelons are normally the most ripe and it is these that contain the most lycopene. Lycopene is an antixoxidant and has been found to protect against cancer such as breast cancer. 

3. An abundance of potassium  and magnesium which are  important  for cardiovascular health and in eliminating kidney stones. 

4. A little fact about blueberries: cglorogenic acid in blueberries has been found to help lower blood glucose to control type 2 diabetes. 

I hope you try out this amazingly refreshing juice!

And if you do let me know what you think. Can you

 think of anything else that would work well in the juice?

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