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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Some Exam Tips!

It is exam season and some of you may be going through exams or preparing for exams. I have been there, the emotional and physical battle; endless crying on the phone to my mum, waking up at 6 am to then finish revising at 10 pm.

It wasn't until University when I found out how I learn best. I love drawing pictures or diagrams in a way that I can understand it. I am far from an artist, but I find it relaxing and enjoyable at the same time. I colour code  parts of the diagram or picture that relates to one another in my ''master'' version, then repeatedly draw it out, explaining the process in my mind.

Some Useful Tips

It is essential that you organise what you are going to start revising first and what topics. Always start revision for the first couple of exams or the exams you feel less comfortable on. In terms of when to start revising, you should really have started right at the beginning, when you were taught the topic. Don't panic! This is where teachers come in handy. All those dreaded homework's do come in use. This is the revision and helps you gain more confidence in the topic. When I studied my A-levels I made sure to read over the work I did that day and then write it all out. At University it was a little more difficult, because there was so much information, so I had to make sure that I understood everything in that lecture and ask any questions then. If I had time I would then read over my notes.

Exam papers a extremely useful! This prepares you for the style of questioning and the areas of the topic you could be tested on. It also helps sieve out any topics you aren't familiar with and also gives you an idea of how much time to spend on each question. But make sure you have model answers to compare your answers with and hopefully improve your answers.

Make sure you have ''me time''. When I was at University I had an hour for both lunch and dinner followed by some toning or stretching exercises. I remember watching Grey's Anatomy whilst doing shoulder dips on my chair! I would also watch some more Grey's Anatomy before bed just to take my mind off revision, but most nights I revised in my sleep! That was very strange experience but at the same time useful. I would wake up the next morning and remind myself to go over anything I couldn't remember in my sleep.

During the exam read over all of the questions first and make any notes beside the questions and mark it based on whether you could answer all of it. I used to circle to questions I could confidently answer and put a squiggle next to the ones I was unsure of.

I know everyone learns differently, but if you are struggling to find a way to learn efficiently then try this method! There are other ways such as saying it aloud, reading text then putting it into your own words and repeating this many times until it is lodged into your memory. 

Good luck! I am sure all of you will do amazing!

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