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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Hair Mask

I haven't tried any hair masks before so I have nothing to compare this with. But I know there are the high street brands such as L'oreal that do sell their own brand of hair masks. What I love about this product is the price and quantity. I bought the trial size (100 ml) for £2.80  at feelunique.com about 2 months ago and there is still almost a full pot left. 

The texture is creamy and smooth and the scent of the product reminds me of marzipan, but having looked at the ingredients list the only fragrences used include jojoba, patchouli and ylang ylang. 

How I use the Hair Mask

I use this once a month to maintain the condition of my hair, strengthen hair strands preventing any breakages and to add a glossy shine. My hair very long and does get oily quickly, and although I can't see any immediate benefits in the condition of my hair I think this mask would be best suited to anyone who has dry and damaged hair. 

I wash my hair as normal. At the moment I am using Aussie Luscious long shampoo. I skip out my conditioner and instead squeeze out the excess water from my hair and generously apply the hair mask to the ends of my hair. I then wrap my hair up in a warm heated towel and leave the mask on for about 20 minutes. 

I wash all of the mask off using cold water to seal the hair follicles which helps creates shine and smoothness.   Although it's tempting to leave the silky smooth hair mask in your hair, it is always best to wash off every bit of the hair mask. Otherwise you hair will look heavy and dull with some of the product in. 

Products I use after the Hair Mask

After squeezing out the water from my hair I use Organix Renewing Argan Oil (click here to read my review on the Organix argan oil). I apply a 10 pence sized amount into my palm and smooth the argan oil into the ends of my hair. 

My hair does get tangled easily, so I used a wide toothed comb and start combing from the ends of my hair working my way up to the scalp.

Next I use my sample of Precy and Reed Volumising No Oil Oil. I pump out 2 amounts of the product into my palm and massage my comb into the product before combing through my hair. 

Most of the time I don't use a hair drier. I let my hair dry naturally and usually wait until it is semi-dry before plaiting it up. It's always nice waking up to smooth, silky wavy hair that only needs a quick brush through and no styling! 

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