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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Week in Pictures

This post is a bit late - I normally try to post this kind of blog every Sunday, but I wanted to share with you my Bank holiday weekend now! We went back to Brighton for the weekend and took Harry with us. Although Brighton Festival was happening we strayed off into West Sussex and went for wonderful woodland and rolling hill walks. I picked up my new car, finally! And it was goodbye to the hire car and hello to Gordon #2. 

The most refreshing watermelon juice on a warm sunny day - so, so cheap and made lots! I picked some bluebells whilst we went to the woods, wonderfully perfumed and vibrant in colour.

We found a handmade wigwam in the woods!

I bought Harry a ''Honking Pheasant'' and he loves it! And I love saying those words - 'honking' and 'pheasant', it makes me giggle.

My new car all shiny and pretty with cool gadgets!

Harry thoroughly enjoyed himself leaping in and out of the bluebells!

On Bank Holiday Monday we went to Billinghurst and had a picnic in a garden, then explored the wonderful countryside - fields upon fields for us to run around in and explore. 

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  1. Aww looks like I lovely weekend! I love bluebell woods, so gorgeous! And Billingshurst, that is where I am from and grew up. Hope you had a good time there.


    1. Billingshurst was lovely! You're lucky to have grown up there :)


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