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Sunday, 12 May 2013

I Challenge You to Yoga! #5

I'm sure you are aware of the burn when doing lunges and squats, but the purpose of combining these exercises in yoga is to continue breathing throughout the exercises when it does become challenging. By focusing on your breath you ignore the burn and can hold the pose for longer! 

Strengthening Legs Yoga

1. Standing up, massages your toes on the floor by curling the back of your toes into the floor and gently roll any away tension. Start with your big toes and finish with your little toe. 

2. Start to inhale as you move your arms up above your head lifting your heels and exhale as you bring your arms down along with your heels. Continue with this movement for a couple of breaths. 

3. Stay standing and bend your right knee hugging it into your chest.  Then place your right foot on your thigh as high as you can go, with your palms facing and hands planted into your chest bone. This is known as Tree Pose (see below). Stay here for a couple of breaths before lifting up from your left foot and placing your heel back down to the floor. Try this on the right foot. 

4. Place your hands on the floor and start to move into plank pose. Lift your right leg up slightly and circle it out to the side and back in. Try to do 12 circles in each direction. Try this with the left leg also.

5. Stay in plank position and place your right foot in between your hands and bending your knee into a low lunge (see below) and extending your arms out over your head. Exhale as you start the straighten your right leg and move your arms out to the side. Inhale as you move your arms out above your head. Try to do 12 reps on each leg. 

6. Move back into plank, breathing here for a couple of breaths before moving into downward dog (see below).

7. From downward dog start to walk your feet up to your hands, feeling the stretch in your calves.

8. You should now be standing up. Start to bend your knees into a squat (see below) with your arms up over your head. Start to breathe here for a couple of minutes.

9. Straighten your legs and inhale as you move your arms up and exhale as you move them down. Move into the squat position, but this time bringing your palms together in front of you and twisting to the right so that your left arm rests on your left leg (see below). Stay here for a couple of breaths before twisting to the left.

10. Plant your palms to the floor and move into plank position. Move your right leg in between your hands and straighten up, turning your left foot out to the side. This is known as Warrior Pose (see below). Twist to the left and slide your left hand down the back of your left leg. Repeat this with the other side. 

11. Move back into plank position and stay here for a couple of breaths before bending your elbows and dropping shoulders to move into cobra (see below).

12. From cobra, move into Child's pose (see below) and stay here for a couple of minutes.

Hope you enjoyed it! I find this one quite hard mainly because my legs aren't very strong, so I am going to work on strengthening and toning then up!

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