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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I Challenge You To Yoga! #1

In the run up to Summer I want you to join me getting in to shape. I am going to start this post with Yoga. Every day for the next week I will post a yoga routine for you to try. 

Some Benefits of Yoga

♥ Great for an intense stretch if you do lots of toning or cardio workouts which helps muscles look leaner and more toned.

♥ Perfect excuse for some time to yourself to de-stress - Breathing throughout yoga helps release any tension and calms the whole body.

♥ Stretching muscles has been shown to release endorphins which creates a euphoric high and starts you off to a great day.

♥ Easy to fit into anyone's schedule - 20 minutes a day is all you need to spare.

♥ Great opportunity to boost blood circulation which reduces both blood pressure and the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Also, all of the nutrients in the blood, including oxygen can reach cells around the body giving you more energy and a healthier complexion. 

Morning Yoga 

As soon as you wake up and before you eat breakfast spare 10 minutes. By doing this you are essentially jump starting your metabolism and calories are burnt faster helping you to stay trim. 

1. Lie on your matt with your legs crossed, back straight and hands resting on your legs. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a couple of minutes, focusing only on the breath. Live the moment and dismiss any thoughts that may pop into your head. 

2. Stretch your arms up above your head and interlock your hands, feeling the full stretch for a minute breathing. 

3. Keep hands interlocked and stretch over to the left and hold for 30 seconds, then stretch over to the right and hold for 30 seconds remembering to breathe. 

4. Keep your legs crossed and place hands behind you pushing up as you inhale, so that your hips move up and hold, breathing for 30 seconds.

5. Move on to your hands and knees, with knees hip width apart and hands directly below shoulders. Breathe in deeply as you tuck both your tummy under and head in whilst slightly pushing away with your hands. Breathe out deeply as you dip your back and lift your head up, looking to the ceiling. This is known as the Cat Posture (see below). You can also twist your head head around to look behind you, left and right for a deeper stretch. Continue with this pose for a couple of minutes.

6. Stay on hands and knees and start to curl your feet under, ready to stand up into Dog Posture, breathing in as you start to move up and slightly pushing hands into the floor (see below). Breathe here for a couple of breaths. You can also bend one knee, then the other allowing for a deeper stretch. 
7. Sit on your knees and inhale as you curl your body over your knees, resting your head onto the floor and stretching your arms out above your head. This is known as child's pose (see below). Starting breathing in and out deeply for a couple of breathes.
8. Return to the starting position: sit on your matt with legs crossed and resting your hands on your legs. Start breathing into your nose and out through your mouth for a couple of minutes, dismissing any thoughts that pop into your head. 

I also do yoga in the evening. I will post a bedtime yoga routine tomorrow.

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