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Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Week in Pictures

This has been my first working week at my new job. And it has been exhausting, not only because of the 8 hour working day but all of the training involved, reading the 52 SOP's, 8 policies and starting the countless training sessions. My head is filled with millions of new terms like ''help desk ticket''. I should be starting a clinical trial study soon and as geeky as it sounds, I am excited to know all of the patient data relating to this new drug and how effective it is compared  to the current therapy known as a gold standard test.

I also want to try and fit in my morning and evening yoga and some gym sessions, so hopefully this week I can find a way to weave it in to my schedule. 

Homemade Mango Sorbet. This tasted amazing, but I would like to amend the recipe and try it again before sharing it with you. 

''Soul Juice'' comprising of cucumber, apples, lettuce, lemons and celery. The colour may not look all that appealing  but it is surprisingly tasty. Again I think the recipe will need some amendments before I share it. 

Ed found a chair made of a tree at Clyne Woods.

There was so many hidden gems at Clyne. A little cove in the hollow of a tree, (note Ed trying to hide, I think he looks like a ninja, perhaps it's the black coat), a peaceful pond with a waterfall. Harry was a little tentative around the water and leaped around the edges, falling in to the pond at one point!

I have been taking snack boxes into work everyday. I think this was Tuesdays snack box of grapes, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, pistachios and cashews. I nibble at the snacks mid morning and in the afternoon to keep my blood sugar levels stable and maintain my metabolism. 

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