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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Workout of the Week: Arms

These are some great workouts that are a little bit different to the conventional dumbbell exercises. I like to focus on targeting either abs, legs or bum, and mix arm exercises in with one of these areas, because your arms will start to throb! 

This is going to be a tough workout - about 40 minutes to an hour. Lets get started! 

                          Working your Biceps

1. Start off in a Plank Position with a dumbbell in one hand. If you haven't used dumbbells much start off with a small weight - about 2 kg. Hold the position for 10 seconds to work your abdominals.

2. Turn into a side Plank and extend arm and dumbbell up above your head and hold for 3 seconds.

3. As you move back into a Plank extend arm across body. This works your other arm and abs. 

Repeat this movement 15-20 times on one arm then try the Lean and Extend movement 30 reps, working on abs before working on the next arm. By working on abs  can rest arms, work out on other target areas and work more effectively.

Work out the next arm 15-20 reps, then Lean and Extend  workout for  30 reps. Repeat this 2 times.

                           Working your Triceps

                            Extended Flys

1. In a Bridge Position (legs hip width apart, peel lower back off the floor and move hips to ceiling and squeeze bum, keeping shoulders pressed to the matt) hold both dumbbells above head. This position also works your bum and legs.

2. Extend arms out to the side keeping Bridge position, squeezing bum.

3. Bring arms together, keeping Bridge position. 

Repeat this exercise for 30 reps, followed by Extended Tricep Dips.

                              Extended Tricep Dips

1. Staying in Bridge position with dumbbells above head.

2. Extend dumbbells behind head and keep Bridge position - make sure you don't  extend too close from your head, extend dumbbells behind so much so that you feel the tricep muscles working. 

3. Move dumbbells back to position 1 and keep Bridge position.

Repeat this exercise 30 reps and follow with Dumbbell Push Ups.

                                  Dumbbell Push Ups

1. Keeping Bridge Position extend dumbbells above head.

2. Bend elbows and bring dumbbells to chest.

3. Extend dumbbells above head, keep Bridge position.

Repeat this exercise 30 times, followed by one more set of Extended flys, Extended Tricep Dips and Dumbbell Push ups! When the going gets tough... 

Follow this with an ab workout - try Cycle Crunches.

                              Tricep Kick-Backs

1. With knees hip width apart and arm close to the side of your body and elbow bent.

2. Extend arm out and behind.

3. Bring dumbbell back to the side, close to your body.

Try 2 sets of 30 reps of Extended Tricep Kickbacks.

               Half Cobras

1. Lie on front with hands and arms close to your body.

2. Push up keeping arms close to our body.

3. Lower half way down to the floor and pulse for 2 minutes.

            Push ups 

1. You don't have to cross your legs to do this, you can extend them out. But turn your hands in and keep back straight.

2. Lower body to the floor keeping your back straight and take a deep breath in.

3. Push back up to starting position and breathe out - I like to think by breathing out, the pressure from my breath is aiding me up!

Try 20 push ups followed by Tricep dips.

  Tricep Dips

                                    Almost there, just ONE more exercise!

1. On a flat surface - you can use a chair, hold your body up with hands on the edge of the surface and knees bent and away from body - about 2 feet. You can extend both legs out for and
advanced workout!

2. Lower body to the floor using your arms, bend elbows and keep legs bent.

3. Push up to the starting position.

Try this exercise for 20 reps and repeat the Push ups followed by one more set of Tricep Dips.

And you're done! Now mop your sweat up and embrace the burn! Eat foods high in protein such as eggs or drink up on protein powders and have a cup of coffee!  Caffeine has been found, in small doses, to help with aching muscles. 

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