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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Exercise Tips and Routine Sources

Most of the exercise tips and routines I do come from watching youtube videos and attending classes at the gym. I think it's important to keep your  exercise routines varied so you're using all the different muscle groups which helps to tone up and keep your exercise plans fresh. 

My inspiration

Cassey Ho at Blogilates. What a wonderful motivational woman! Whenever I feel I can't do any more reps or that I am going to die, Cassey's voice spurs me along ''c'mon you can do it'' and ''give me 10 more''. Check out her great monthly calender that provides you with sweaty exercise videos and provides me with motivation. I don't follow it everyday because I like to adjust it to what I want from my fitness. For example I would do longer cardio workouts or focus on areas that I would like to improve. 

Kareena & Katrina at Tone It Up Lovely girls who also provide calender workout routines and excellent nutrition plans and food ideas including their famous toneitup pancakes.

And more recently, I have come across XHIT. I absolutely love their daily videos which provide me with new refreshing ideas and tips. 

My Tips*

1. Set you own goals. What do you want to improve? My own goals are to improve my stamina, develop stronger upper arm strength and tone up abdominals and thighs. 

2. Although it's easy to follow a plan that has already been prepared for you, it may not necessarily be tailored specifically for your goals. So pick and mix ideas, tips and routines and keep it varied.

3. Diet it also important not just if you are wanting to lose weight, but also to provide enough fuel to do the exercises! When I started working out I started to feel dizzy and faint because  I wasn't eating enough carbohydrates. I also needed to increase my protein intake to tone up. I use pea protein- check out my post on how I use protein powder here

4. Keep hydrated and top up on vital ions such as potassium important for energy. I found that lots of cardio workouts left me feeling dizzy and decided to try coconut water post workout.

5. Fit in a time to eat a good meal in preparation for your workout. I like to have breakfast before the gym and eat slow release carbohydrates at least 2 hours before  I workout. Again, your diet changes depending on what your goals are. Recent research found that people who ate carbohydrates for dinner lost weight faster - click here to read the article. 

*I'm not a dietician or a fitness instructor. I have adapted others advice and research and developed my own tips that work for me.

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  1. Have always been pretty good at working out but feeling like its becoming a chore these days, I needed this motivation :) x


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