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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Life in your 20's

Terribly sorry I haven't posted in a while. My mum came out of hospital and needed to return home to provide my maid and dog sitter services. As such, I haven't been gymming it up as often, but I have been going on wonderful 2 hour walks with the dog and Ed.

I have also been preparing for interviews. Last week I had an interview with a Clinical Research Organisation and successfully got through to the next stage. This is a fantastic opportunity, being on the front line in analysing clinical trial data. However, it means I will have to leave Ed and travel back home for this job.

I am my most happiest when I'm with Ed, but I know that this job will provide me with good experience and will set me up with a stable future. It means we will be one of those people who put their career first, marry and have children later in life.

When I was younger I had a simplistic view of life in my 20's; university, career, marry, kids. But it is not as simple as that. It's more like university, experience, job 1, job 2, job 3, job 4, career. Then many years later marriage and kids. I think your 20's should be about settling into a career before anything else and never taking your eyes off the goal. Otherwise it gets way too complicated thinking about the other things, not to mention the cost of marriage and kids.

I have put together a collage of the highlights Ed and I shared from Summer 2012 to present. It will be interesting to look back on this in 5 years time and see how the collage has developed.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with a picture of a sleepy dog.

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  1. aww your dog is looking so cosy there! you and your partner look so sweet there^^ good luck on the jobfront and keep up your good work - luv you blog luv the health and fitness posts! it's something I need to do more of for sure x

  2. Thanks Jenni. My interview is on Wednesday, well scared (somehow it's 2 hours long :/ ) It is hard to fit in exercise, but I think even if you do 30 mins a day it still counts to something :)



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