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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Get Ready With Me To Workout

I know it sounds strange showering before the gym, but I normally go out and do things before working out and like to look half decent! I have been using Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel which smells AMAZING! It's moisturising and leaves me smelling of a strawberry milkshake soooo good!       

I then apply a smidgen of the Dove Winter Care Moisturiser on my arms and legs. This stuff is made with Shea butter and does takes a while to soak into the skin, which is why you only need a tiny amount. While it soaks into my skin I normally apply skincare.

Next I apply Effaclar K underneath Simple Moisture Boost. The Effaclar K contains a micro exfoliant which unclogs pores and minimises imperfections. It also minimises pores. I have been in love with the moisturiser by Simple - an excellent product for the winter.

Because my moisturiser doesn't have an SPF I like to use Clinique's tinted moisturiser or Bare Minerals. Today I used Bare Minerals. It provides good coverage but isn't too heavy for a workout. It is always best though, to workout with bare skin. I know I have had some blackheads because I have worked out wearing even the tinted moisturiser.


  Today I wore my Nike top paired with black Pineapple leggings and Nike trainers. I had a successful sweaty workout focusing on arms, abs and stamina. 

Before the gym I was starting to get a little hungry but didn't fancy anything too heavy. I opted for a Trek bar to refuel. It is cold-pressed and contains 11g of protein! They are pricey - I think £1.20 for just one.

I will be doing a Workout of the Week and focusing on arms using dumbbells and body weight movements. Check back this Saturday :) 

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