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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fitness Haul & Lust List

I have been going to the gym 6 days a week, and as such my gym clothes do get drenched! I decided to buy some more tops and another sports bra, since it's mainly the top half that gets sweaty the most. I bought most of the items in the last of the sales at  Sweat Shop in Brighton.

I must say that most of the sport attire that I own is Nike, because I love their designs, the technology used in their running shoes and the overall fit of their running shoes suits my feet down to a T. I have narrow feet and it can be difficult finding a running shoe that is comfortable and don't leave me with blisters.

The Fitness Haul

Women's Loose Triblend 87 £12.00. I really love the casual style of the top - it's not a dri-FIT make, but the design is cute and it brightens up the whatever-black-style running leggings or capri joggers I decide  to wear. 

Nike Women's Indy Racerback Long Bra £16.00. This is a lot brighter in person, though not by much - it isn't neon. It has a supportive band underneath and has a mesh racerback style material to absorb sweat. This is made from dri-FIT fabric and have to say that I haven't noticed any extravagantly moist areas on the top after a workout. 

Nike Women's Contour Bra £19.00. I don't know about you but sports bars in this style are a bit of a mare to get on, and even more of a mare to get off! Unless you have a completely flat chest it can be a bit of a struggle, but it is one that I am used to now (just remember to tie hair up when putting on or taking off, or you do tend to sound like someone who is having an epileptic fit in the narrow cubicle of the changing rooms). But regardless of the effort it provides the ultimate comfort and support and the dri-FIT material absorbs any sweat. This is currently my favourite sports bra because of those reasons - but also because of the colour. 

 Basic Pineapple Vest £10.00. I do like the designs of Pineapple's laid back dance inspired clothing, but they aren't good at absorbing sweat. This is a lovely aqua blue top, the colour in the link given gives an accurate image on the colour. 

Lust List

I only have one pair of running shoes, which I love (they are indeed Nike). But because I am always wearing them they are suffering a bit of wear and tear, especially when I use the spin bikes. The stirrups have left the sides of the trainers marked. I think by having 2 pairs it will also be beneficial to the shoes to maintain their bounce and feet. I haven't tried them on yet but the trainers have had lots of good reviews - one exclaiming that the trainer fits narrow feet perfectly. 

Nike Lady C72 Legend Bag (Medium) picture 1

I am using a rucksack to carry gym workouts, gym clothes, phone, purse, ipod, bottle of water and protein shake and a skipping rope. It is starting to become a little too stuffed and I think a little more room is needed.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor picture 1

This is a heart rate monitor and a watch because I would like to time the workouts, especially on the spin bikes and monitor how efficiently I am working. This one is £41.85.

I have been wedging my ipod between the elasticated band of my fitness pants (and also my knicker band for extra support!) but it isn't ideal - especially when doing those dreaded burpees or skipping when it just flops down into your pants which isn't at all awkward in a crowded gym!

Bless the American Football team. You will find the Mr somewhere in there - look out for the red hat!


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