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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser Review

Without fail, I always return to this foundation. I  prefer light weight foundations and  feel this foundation deserves a lot more credit. But because there are limited shades (only 6 shades available in UK) it can be difficult finding a suitable shade. It comes in a standard 30 ml bottle with an SPF 15.

The Claims

Clinique claims that this gives a ''no make-up look and feel''- this one is sheer and blends easily either with fingers or a foundation brush. ''Covers imperfections''- it evens out skin tone and keeps skin hydrated throughout the day, however I would still apply a concealer afterwards.  Although it says it's a tinted moisturiser I still apply moisturiser underneath. 

I like that this product gives a healthy dewy finish and having read some reviews from 50+ women they agree that this foundation gave their skin a youthful and healthy appearance. 

The Drawbacks

The smell of the foundation has been criticised and I agree that there is a particular smell to it but I don't find it off putting. I would put the smell down to the SPF. 

Other reviews have claimed that the product oxidises leaving an orange tint but this hasn't ever been a problem for me. I have done some research on this and the problem with this product oxidising is down to sebum production. If your skin is oily this changes the skins pH and causes the product to oxidise. This of course can be controlled by using a cleanser and moisturiser tailored for oily skin, or even blotting paper if your skin gets oily throughout the day.  

A 30 ml bottle of this foundation lasts me about 6 months, however one review claimed that the product didn't last that long. It depends how much coverage you want and how often you change foundations. I switch between three foundations. 

Finally the price is a little expensive (RRP £21.50) but I normally buy mine from ebay. 

Here are some pictures of me wearing the foundation. Hopefully you will be able to see the coverage and dewy finish.

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