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Thursday, 14 February 2013


Happy Valentines Day! 

The weather has been so so cold this year and can not wait for Spring, so I bought some transition clothes from the ASOS sale to cheer me up.


I love the pastel shades of this cardigan and it's cosy. Unfortunately I couldn't find it on ASOS to give you a link to it. But here is a cardigan that is similar.

I thought these would be the perfect boot for Spring. I have been wearing my long Dune boots and Uggs to death. Again, I think ASOS have terminated the sales and couldn't find a link to these shoes on ASOS. Here are a pair of very similar boots.

Although this style skirt is being replaced by newer styles, I adore this hi-lo dress. This is an example of the ''revamped'' hi-lo skirt.

This is the dress I am wearing on Saturday. I have some amazing purple heels that would go with it. I tend to wear eye make-up when I go out instead of an everyday thing and will probably wear a purple smokey eye. This is the closest body con style dress that I could find to the one I am wearing.

I hope you all are having a wonderful V-day. Ed  is busy with work tonight and we will be celebrating our V-day on Saturday. I have bought an item of clothing that will feature in a OOTD based on my ''date night'' on Saturday so check it out on Sunday! Xxx

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