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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Yummy in my Tummy

I have sampled those tasty Nakd. bars and Eat Natural bar, but annoyingly haven't eaten them to refuel after the gym. I have been cooped up under my blanket suffering with sniffles and headaches. 

So, the bars......
Product information for Nakd Ginger Bread Bar 35gThe Ginger Bread bar is the one I was most excited about tasting and although it was tasty it wasn't as gingery as I expected it to be. I normally like the traditional gingerbread men to taste mega gingery, bless them. 
So I would give this bar a 4/5

This was soooo good! It was chocolatey and orangey and a good alternative when you're craving chocolate. 

 I liked this bar, but tasted very sweet which I would guess is the honey to hold all of the nuts and rice cereals together. It is bigger than the Nakd. bars which I prefer over the Eat Natural bar.

Sainsbury's are doing 2 for £3.00 on the Nakd. bars packs. Each pack contains 4 bars which is actually a pretty good deal considering one individiual bar is 75p.  I have also seen there is a mint chocolate Nakd. bar...I think a trip to Sainsbury's in on the agenda tomorrow!

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