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Monday, 14 January 2013

Join me!

So new year, new start! Even if it is 2 weeks into January...now is a good a time as any ;)

I have always been into health and fitness, but haven't tried hard enough to see visible results. Join me in my escapade to improve my fitness levels, tone up and eat a healthy well balanced diet!

This is actually my second week and today I spent an hour doing mainly cardio workouts and toning. However, one thing I would change, is to eat a filling breakfast at least 2 hours before my workout! I am used to eating small sized meals and although I had, what some would consider a filling breakfast (I had a poached egg on wholemeal toast with no butter) I probably needed another egg. And despite eating about an hour and a half before my work out, doing cardio moves did not help the feeling of nauseousness!

I have been on the hunt to try out some nutritious bars for after the gym. Here are the bars that I bought:

I will do a little review on them next week

 The Eat Natural bar has brazil nuts, sultanas, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts mixed with rice and honey. I tried to get bars that had little sugar in as possible and still had a good energy content. The nuts are a perfect source of energy and protein.

The Nakd. Cocoa Orange bar has everything compressed together; dates, cashews, raisins and cocoa. I'm looking forward to trying this one out!

The Nakd. Ginger Bread bar is similar to the Cocoa Orange but contains dates, almonds, peacans and some gingerbread spices. Yummmm!

All of these bars are gluten free and the Nakd. bars state they are also dairy free.

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